Skankasaurus Rex’s. A Follow Up.

So in my first batch of ramblings. I talked about some of the differences amongst female gamers. It may have come across that I am trying to abolish the use of the term “girl-gamer.” I’m not and I take full responsibilty for any confusion my previous statements may have caused. So instead, I’m going to put labels on the other two groups. We all like labels, right?

So first up we have the Skankasaurus Rex’s. (Many thanks to my guildmate Pix, who gave me this term.) These are the girls, and sadly grown women for that matter, who use the fact that they have ovaries and other connected bits to get the things they want. When confronted about it they usually blame the poor males who fall for their shenanigans for being “stupid enough to fall for it. So think of them as the hooker who steals a john’s wallet if you will. The rex’s are often very threatened by the presence of other females in the guild. (Did I say I mostly play MMO’s? Well I do, so there.) Some become so threatened that they result to juevenille attacks that only make them look like the bat-crap crazy individual they are. This was my first guild experience in World of Warcraft. It was the first and only time someone had threatened to kill me on a video game.

Next we have the Gender Role Debutantes. The crazy factor here is typically much lower than Rex’s. The Deb’s though think that they should be given a free pass. Somewhere in their mind, it makes sense to them that because guys are guys they have an advantage when it comes to video games. Many times they share the need to advertise their gender much like the Rex’s, but you can always tell the two apart by the level of crazy.

So who does that leave? According to the few people that I have talked to on the matter, the women who are left are in the minority. But who are we as a group? What is our label, if there is one? Me personally, I just call myself a gamer.