Blogging Hiatus

So a few days ago I started a post about gaming burnout and I wasn’t able to finish it.  Funny, huh?  But no, the problem isn’t that I am burnt out on blogging too.  I’m busy.  Putting together a post isn’t a quick and breezy thing for me, yet.  I feel obligated to post some sort of screen shot or art work that I feel is relevant to my topic.  And, I’ll be honest, sometimes it takes me a while to organize my thoughts much less to all the editing with links and such.  What’s taking up my time you ask?

That thing!  My test is Monday March 19, 2012.  Graduate school here I come!  Unless I find a worthwhile job first!  Anyway, once I have this thing done I will finish the post I started and more.  Until then, wish me luck!