A Whole New (PvP) Monster

Ok, so I left you guys, all three of you, in the lurch and quit posting stuff.  I was ok with this for the most part since I felt that my time would be better spent doing something that could actually net me some income.  Well a few applications and a resume later I’m still unemployed but I feel better about myself.  But all that is neither here nor there.  On to the topic that has me literally squirming in my seat in dread and apprehension.  Forcible pvp cuddles!  Not to be confused with regular forcible cuddles; those are what I give my cat when he’s being a dork.  Here is a picture of my cat being a dork:

Back to forcible pvp cuddles!  I am currently on a pvp server despite my fear and loathing of pvp.  Why? you might ask.  Because that is where my guild is and because I can avoid the pvp if I want to.  AND I VERY MUCH WANT TO.  But like so many other examples in the world, the loud minority is getting their way.  If I stay on a pvp server, I will be forced to pvp.  Thank you very much Mr. Tom Chilton!  That link right there discusses changes coming to pvp servers with the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

In the past I would have agreed with the intellectually challenged, knuckle-dragging mouth breathers who predictably respond with, “PvP happened on a PvP server,” and “QQ pvp server” and the other gems of their infinite wisdom.  However, with Blizzards upcoming changes to how people will interact with the world around them, they really are creating a whole new monster.   You guessed it.  Its time for a bullet list!

Reasons Why PvP Servers Have Become a Whole New Thing: and thus we deserve free transfers off of them.

  • Cross server zones will make it so that there is no more late night/early morning uninterrupted play time.
  • Weaker and less frequently spawning guards will encourage killing quest givers, vendors, and other necessary npc’s.
  • An item that shoots people off of flying mounts is bound to be abused in group especially near choke points and raid instances.

Keeping all of that in mind, its easy to see that leveling and living on a pvp server will not be what it is now and has been in the past, thus a whole new ball of wax.  And truth be told I think that it is a good change for those who like that type of environment.  I am just not one of them.  It will be going from something that I can tolerate to something that could potentially keep me from playing.  

So Activision Blizzard, open up your hearts and your deep pockets and let those of us who do not wish to be forcibly squished by the opposing faction transfer off pvp servers so we can practice our:


The Skin is Always Greener on the Other Side

A few posts back I talked about burnout and a few ways of combating it.  In my time since then I have been toying with the idea of trying my very best to level a character to level 85 as horde before Mists of Pandaria hits.  I know that for many of you this isn’t much of a challenge.  So let me share what best summarizes my track record with you when it comes to leveling horde characters.  The highest level one I have is a 45 blood elf warlock that was created when Burning Crusade came out.  In fact, she predates my draenei hunter on the same server that I currently raid with in Stands in Bad.  So for me anyway this will be no small accomplishment.

My reasons for wanting to have a level 85 horde toon are pretty simple.

  1. Experience more lore
  2. Better questing experience
  3. For some reason more attractive men play horde
  4. More blogging material

When I start to undertake this self-appointed challenge I will most likely roll another hunter.  Because hunters are awesome!  And because it’s what I know.  As for the race I’m a little undecided.  At present I view my most likely options as being troll or orc.  I am currently completely undecided on server; I don’t know all that many people who play horde any longer after cancellations in subs.  And a guild that will let me mooch perks and fulfill my need for being social would be very very nice.  If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

Dhevon’s New Transmog: A Tier 13 Improvement

It just goes to show that you don’t have to change much to totally remake an “outfit” or improve it for that matter.  Unfortunately this picture doesn’t show how well the chest piece, Tunic of the Artifact Guardian, goes with the belt and shoulders.  Now if only there was a way to fix boots on female draenei. A link to a larger picture can be found on the screenshots page.

NOW it Feels Official

So my first raiding character in WoW was Accordance . Notice the icky mix of pvp gear and epics. I’m working on it okay! Anyway, I healed my way through Molten Core, Onyxia’s Lair, Blackwing Lair, Zul’ Gurub, okay you get the idea. Her last raid was in Burning Crusade, Serpent Shrine Cavern to be exact and sadly I didn’t finish it. That brings me to today, or rather yesterday. After spending some time on tier 11 nerdpoints, a few of us decided to clear out Blackwing Lair, the only Classic raid that I was missing for the meta on my hunter. Fininshing that raid tied things up between my priest and my hunter on older content. I don’t know why it matters to me, it just does. And truth be told there are still things that my hunter will never be able to do, for example the hunter weapon quest, my priest got her Benediction before AQ40 was even a thing. And of course, Dhevon  will never be able to step foot in the level 60 version of Naxxramus. Despite all that, I feel that completing that made things official. Dhevon is my main. At least until I decide to change again.

For some reason I fail at links. Both Accordance and Dhevon are on the Azgalor server and in Stands in Bad.

HAHA! EVIL WordPress links, I have bested you.  You shall vex me no longer!

Skankasaurus Rex’s. A Follow Up.

So in my first batch of ramblings. I talked about some of the differences amongst female gamers. It may have come across that I am trying to abolish the use of the term “girl-gamer.” I’m not and I take full responsibilty for any confusion my previous statements may have caused. So instead, I’m going to put labels on the other two groups. We all like labels, right?

So first up we have the Skankasaurus Rex’s. (Many thanks to my guildmate Pix, who gave me this term.) These are the girls, and sadly grown women for that matter, who use the fact that they have ovaries and other connected bits to get the things they want. When confronted about it they usually blame the poor males who fall for their shenanigans for being “stupid enough to fall for it. So think of them as the hooker who steals a john’s wallet if you will. The rex’s are often very threatened by the presence of other females in the guild. (Did I say I mostly play MMO’s? Well I do, so there.) Some become so threatened that they result to juevenille attacks that only make them look like the bat-crap crazy individual they are. This was my first guild experience in World of Warcraft. It was the first and only time someone had threatened to kill me on a video game.

Next we have the Gender Role Debutantes. The crazy factor here is typically much lower than Rex’s. The Deb’s though think that they should be given a free pass. Somewhere in their mind, it makes sense to them that because guys are guys they have an advantage when it comes to video games. Many times they share the need to advertise their gender much like the Rex’s, but you can always tell the two apart by the level of crazy.

So who does that leave? According to the few people that I have talked to on the matter, the women who are left are in the minority. But who are we as a group? What is our label, if there is one? Me personally, I just call myself a gamer.

Just play the game already!

I’m a gamer who happens to be female, not a girl-gamer.  What’s the difference you ask?  A gamer who happens to be female is a gamer who doesn’t see her gender as a handicap or as tool.  The gamer is first.  In my time playing video games, mostly mmorpgs, I noticed the difference, and lived it as well.  Surely, most gamers know what I’m talking about.  The “girl-gamer” who makes excuses for her failures because she’s a girl and the other “girl-gamer” who makes sure everyone with a Y chromosome knows that she is indeed a she, this is usually followed by the behavior best described as the online version of eyelash batting.  I decided a long time ago that nothing other than how I played the game really mattered and soon met quite a few like minded sisters in arms.  We are a diverse breed.  Some of us are girly.  Some are not.  Some of us are more skilled than others.  But the one unifying trait that we share is that we would rather be judged fairly on our actual merits and nothing else.