My name is Rae and I love video games!  I started out playing Dark Age of Camelot and from there moved on to World of Warcraft with brief adventures in Everquest 2, Rift, Warhammer, and Star Wars the Old Republic.  Aside from MMO’s I have played a lot of Final Fantasy, Legend of the Dragoon, Zelda, and Oblivion.  I have been creeping my way though Skyrim on a Wood Elf archer/sneak.  Oh yeah, if it wields a bow I LOVE playing it. When I’m not playing Skyrim or whatever else, I raid on my hunter, Dhevon, with my guild Stands in Bad on Rexxar (US).  And more recently I have started playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning where I play a dark elf roguish type who uses a bow, go figure.

As for this blog itself, don’t let the first few estrogen heavy posts mislead you into thinking that this is all my blog is about.  Men who have been house trained are more than welcome.  I kid! I want this blog to occasionally showcase the hard work and dedication of a lot the amazing female players out there, because lets face it, even though more and more women are getting into gaming, it can still be a bit of a “boy’s club” at times.

More often than not, though, this blog will showcase my opinions concerning World of Warcraft in general as well as the hunter class. Let there be no misunderstanding that I am in any way a hunter expert. I am not. What I am is a gamer with way too many opinions, way too much time on her hands, and a corny sense of humor. If you are looking for info that will help you better your skills, feel free to click the links on the side under the “Helpful Resources” and “Blogroll” headings. I highly recommend Elitist Jerks and Warcraft Hunters’ Union.


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