Some Hunters Want to be Pretty too, DAMNIT!

So, you’re a hunter, you’ve found an awesome looking set of weapons (In my case, a bow and polearm [yes, hunters don’t use polearms any longer- this post was started long before patch 5.0.4] that match pretty well).  Excitement fills every part of you as your inner fashionista is having joyous giggle fits as it designs a glorious transmog wardrobe that make my female draenei hunter (dropping all pretense that I’m not talking about myself at this point) look totally bad ass and cute.  Then you remember that most all previous hunter tiers look like the creations of one of those “snails and puppy dog tails” boys.  Lets hop aboard the hunter tier time-machine (put together by Frostheim) and review. (I’m too lazy to put together my own screenshot of all the hunter sets, so I’m linking you to Frostheim’s who is an incredibly good looking hunter.)

  • Dungeon sets 1 & 2: In a word, “Meh.”
  • Tier 1: “Hey guys! Let’s wear garbage cans on our shoulders, LOL!”
  • Tier 2: “Hey guys! Let’s wear a a purple dragon carcass!”  Still looking for the purple dragon flight…
  • Tier 2.5:  “Look, Ma! No hands!”  Not to menion the garrish combination of red and purple.
  • Tier 3: Not bad… if you ignore the helm and the red dots on the boots. However it is no longer available.
  • Tier 4:  Corehounds on the shoulders (and the helm, you know what just assume I hate all the helms) ruins any hope of being a pretty hunter.
  • Tier 5: Have we learned nothing about wearing dead things? Someone contact D.H.E.T.A.!
  • Tier 6: Really? I mean… really? Eyeballs? <sigh>
  • Tier 7: Similar to tier 3 minus the boot and availability problem.
  • Tier8: “What the… I don’t even. Icestalker?”
  • Tier 9: I actually like it, minus the helm of course.
  • Tier 10: Only one coloration looks good in my opinion and the chest piece lacks detail.
  • Tier 11: “Hey, guys! Let’s wear fishing bobbers on our shoulders this time and a murloc skull on our head! LOL” /head-desk
  • Tier 12: Nice design, EXCEPT FOR THE FREAKING HELM!
  • Tier 13: Only one nice color option, no detail on chest, wearing dead things like that guy in Silence of the Lambs, freaking helm.
  • Tier 14: Now, I can’t speak for the Yaungol, but I know that I wouldn’t want someone wearing my former sentient carcass.

Some of you are probably thinking, “But, Rae, hunters aren’t supposed to be pretty! They track animals. Live in the wilds. Live off the land!  If anything they should look like they wear dead things along with dirt, sticks, leaves and poop.”  My hunter doesn’t traipse in the wilds and use her cat as a pillow, she sits atop battlements and ramparts in large cities, thank you very much.  Though I can understand that argument for those hunters who do like to wear carcasses and poop.  And I’m even willing to overlook all the previous and  future Buffalo Bill-esque sets if the powers that be at Blizzard are willing to throw those of us who want to be pretty a bone every once in a while and more often than they have in the past.

I will say that the dungeon sets for Mists of Pandaria look very pretty. So here’s hoping that they are paying at Blizzard to what tier sets are being transmog’d into something else the most.  Until then, I’ll be raiding shaman closets.

One comment on “Some Hunters Want to be Pretty too, DAMNIT!

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