The 5.0 Hunter: Focus

With patch 5.0.4, hunters have been given some new and fun talents that at first may seem subtle, but in reality have a big impact on game play.  With this post I will be highlighting the effect that the choices in the fourth tier of talents have on focus. These talents include Fervor, Dire Beast and Thrill of the Hunt.

I personally opted for Thrill of the Hunt because of its passiveness (no extra button to push) and the increase in the number of multi-shots on AoE pulls that it allows.  While raiding in Dragon Soul with my new talents, I noticed something that I never thought would be a problem.  I had more focus than I knew what to do with.  Because of this, I was using Cobra Shot quite seldom which in turn caused serpent sting to not be refreshed and fall off.  While talking with my fellow Stands in Bad hunters Kat and Kia, I learned that the Dire Beast talent they chose had a similar effect on focus.  One can therefore assume that also with a cool down of just 30 seconds and having to do with focus regeneration, there will be a similar effect on focus if used frequently off cool down for Fervor.

The effects of this very minor inconvenience (if you can even call it that) will be somewhat lessened when we hunters are forced to break our 2 piece set bonus (for those that have it) as pointed out to me by Kat.  At this early stage, there is no certainty that things will stay as they are.  So, until I catch wind of a better way of doing things from the experts, I will be weaving in a Cobra Shot every 13 seconds whether I need the focus or not.


OMG I Can’t Decide

Mists of Pandaria is fast approaching and I still have no idea what race to choose for my monk.  I don’t want to level a Pandaren monk because I like being different, not to mention that the Pandaren starting area will be extremely crowded for a while I’m guessing.  And since I don’t ever plan on throwing out my “Alliance Card” the race will be limited to some of those races.  You must be this tall to ride, gnomes and dwarves need not apply.  That leaves Night Elves, Draenei, and Humans.  Each of these races has their own unique allure which is making a decision a bit difficult at the moment.

  • Night  Elves – The Quel’dorei culture and aesthetic, in my opinion at least, seems to mesh really well with monks
  • Draenei – I just like Draenei, ok?  And they look damn cool kicking things.  Hooves make it hurt more, right?
  • Humans – I don’t have a lot of human characters despite the face that I do like them as a race.  Plus female humans have ginormous weapons!

So your mission ,should you choose to accept it, is to vote in the poll below and leave a comment explaining your choice.  Also, in your comment leave a suggestion for a clever name.