And the Training Wheels are Off!

It's almost like they were watching the whole time... Many people wouldn’t know it now, at least that is what I tell myself, but I used to be painfully shy.  I would never have dreamed of running pugs back when my priest was my main.  And technically speaking, LFR is still the extent of my priest’s pugging but that’s because I’m so rusty (bad) at healing now.  For a while this was the case even on my hunter.  I was new to the class, hadn’t played in a year and half and those self-esteem and shyness issues were still very prevalent.  I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point between then and now (not long after DS 5 man’s were released) I looked at how that kind of behavior was holding me back.  So what if I messed up.  That is how you learn.  And if anyone else didn’t like it, we didn’t have to group together ever again.  I was also reminded of how needy I was when it came to groups, a few friends and an ex-boyfriend can attest to that and I did not, would not be that person anymore.  So I queued for my first pug solo and it went ok.  No one yelled at me for messing up, in fact I didn’t mess up at all.

Of course I didn’t finish this achievement without the aid of guild members and friends.  Kialesse herself was grouped with me when I was at 99/100 for the final achievement.  But the fact remains that I overcame something that has bothered me about myself since my days of playing Dark Age of Camelot.  And now I even have a little, adorable companion to remind me that I’m not helpless (especially as long as I’m playing a hunter anyway).


One comment on “And the Training Wheels are Off!

  1. Awsome. Gz on the two-part achievement. 🙂

    I can relate very strongly, not on the shyness, but the utter fear of grouping (and PVP) cause of fear to mess up and not knowing what to do; both group quests, dungeons, battlegrounds, raids, duels and anything really was a big treshold for me to get past. My heart would start beating out of control, adrenaline pumping in my ears(?) and eyesight getting blurry.
    In fact, the reason my shadow priest became my main instead of the hunter for a while in transition between BC and WOTLK was cause I found it easier to play. Hunters (well, the pets really) are/were very easy to mess up with. There were so many traps one can/could unknowingly step in to. But just like you I pushed my boundaries bit by bit, and know I’m a fully functional player. Which is great, cause it’s ofc a huge limitation to our MMO-experience if we can’t experience it because of our fears.

    I’m happy for you, grats again with cute Perky Pug!

    Lae 🙂

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