Dhevon’s New Transmog: A Tier 13 Improvement

It just goes to show that you don’t have to change much to totally remake an “outfit” or improve it for that matter.  Unfortunately this picture doesn’t show how well the chest piece, Tunic of the Artifact Guardian, goes with the belt and shoulders.  Now if only there was a way to fix boots on female draenei. A link to a larger picture can be found on the screenshots page.


5 comments on “Dhevon’s New Transmog: A Tier 13 Improvement

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    • I hear that from many people. And unfortunately the shoulders are what people typically recognize as tier at first glance if not the helm. And I have never seen a hunter tier with a helm I liked. 😦

  2. Tsunami Boots (of the whatever) are a great fix for draenei boots. They are invisible when placed on a draenei model, so find some pants that go all the way to her ankle, and it looks like she’s running around barehoof. I’ve found the the look works really well with most T-mogs.

    Best part is… they’re crafted! Just find a leatherworker with MOP patterns, and boom! Sexy draenei (hunter) boots.

    (This idea has been sent to “Pretty Fly for a Draenei” as well, so watch for the future post)

    • Not sure why the picture is showing her with a tabard and the wrong bow and pants. I may have to dig everything out of storage and take another screenshot.

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