(And We’re Back!) End of Expansion Burn-out

We’ve all been there at one point.  Something that was once new is now old and no longer holds our interest like it used to.  For some of us that leads to taking a break or cutting back and finding something else to fill our free time.  And sometimes these breaks wind up being much longer than we had originally intended.  Many times we fight this feeling tooth and nail, logging in every day only to drive ourselves over the edge of video game fatigue that much quicker.  If only the Mists of Pandaria beta was here to save us from content that just isn’t exciting any longer.  But sadly we must wait.  Anyway this is something I have been dealing with of late so I thought I would share my thoughts and tips on the matter.

  • Don’t fight it. The moment things start to feel monotonous consider your options and make a decision. This can include a variety of options, so many in fact that I’m not going to bother listing any.
  • Take a look at your social situation.  Are you in a guild? Is your guild inactive? Social interaction can completely alter your gaming experience.
  • Examine your current game routine. If you’re grinding anything it should come as no surprise that your grind will become very old very fast, be it dailies, pvp or achievements.
  • Determine if you are feeling outside pressure. I know that I literally can’t enjoy anything if there is something else that I know I should be doing instead. (Like studying for the GRE!)

It can be a tough situation to be in, not wanting to log on for lack of nothing to do, yet you really enjoy your guild and perhaps other friends.  I know in my case my guild is active and pretty much the best bunch of people that ever existed.  One guy can imitate pretty much every cartoon character voice ever made; our GM is (though I have never heard her say it) a foodie with awesome cooking skills;  I could go on and on because they are all that cool and nice.  Regardless, when I have to take breaks for real life issues sometimes its hard to log back on.  Lately I have just been logging on for raids and that has been working really well for me.  I don’t get burned out and I get to hang out with my fellow SiB’ers.

Recently I have decided to start an experiment of sorts regarding my “don’t wanna log on” issues.  My hypothesis: I need Purpose.  My hunter has progressed to the point where her gear is by no means finished but cannot be improved on by any means other than normal or heroic raiding.  Therefore I need a side project, maybe an alt, maybe preparing for the upcoming expansion by collecting as many crafting materials as possible so I can push through a few points with old mats that first day.  The sky is the limit when you are willing to try new things and you allow yourself to be creative.


4 comments on “(And We’re Back!) End of Expansion Burn-out

  1. I’m so sorry you’re feeling burnt out! I assume the feeling isn’t much fun when you still WANT to be interested.

    Myself, I’ve never paused my subscription these years. Right now I can’t remember that I’ve been really fed up. But I must have, right? Well, they say it’s a good trait to not being able to remember the bad things. At the end of BC I was busy, had just got a new guild that I went to Kara with. At the end of WOTLK I left a VERY good 25man guild to start my own 10man, cause I really like those 10mans. So it was sad and good and exciting, and not boring. 🙂 Oh wait, the last summer of WOTLK was pretty boring. Stupid Sindragosa heroic wipes and Ruby Sanctum coming but giving no motivation. I think definitely you are right about the Purpose.

    I know you’re on twitch already, have you thought of doing your own streams as a project? You could for example do an Ironman Challenge-stream, where you aim to play hasardly (?) so you die before 15, and aim to try all race starting areas. 🙂 I was playing with the idea of streaming Beta-testing myself. Don’t think I will though. 😉

    I wrote a post back in february of different things one can do when you’ve done “everything”. Feels awkward pushing it on you, cause it’s a long read, that perhaps could push you even further away from logging in. :s Anyway, here it is: http://laeleiweyn.blogspot.com/2012/02/leveling-without-heirlooms.html

    I hope you don’t log off for good, I find comfort in the few fellow draenei hunters I can find out there. 🙂 And don’t you go changing to pandaren!

    Best regards,

    • Never fear! Dhevon is here to stay, and so is her Draenei status. In my pursuit of new and fun experiences in WoW, you can be sure that the things I try will be mostly social in nature. Much like heroic raiding, the Ironman Challenge isn’t for me. Making things harder for being harder’s sake goes against my very nature. I would love to be able to stream and it is definitely something to think about once I have a computer that can handle it. I’m leaning towards picking up my old project of playing through the horde quest lines (1-85 currently at 35), however that little endeavor does get a little lonely at times (no guild because I can’t bring myself to accept random invites from people I know nothing about.) But, even going it solo, I have had an experience that is rather unique to me and very enjoyable.

  2. I avoid the burn out by only doing things I want to do. Sure, I SHOULD do the JC daily…well…daily, but if I don’t feel like doing it I don’t. I’m not good at any sort of grindiness unless I REALLY want the reward at the end. Grinding out Mag’har rep on my former warlock main was awful…but the mounts are awesome. Still, I can’t bring myself to grind out any rep just at the moment. So I don’t. I have a commitment to my guildies to raid so I do several nights a week but other nights I log on I do bg’s, work on transmog sets, fly around and take screenshots, just whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. I think it’s helped me not feel burned out on WoW at all yet.

    And good luck with the GRE! Talk about a grind. I used the Kaplan materials to study for it and I got a really good score. If you’re not already using them I highly recommend them! Good luck! 😀

    • Hey, sesamee. Thanks for the feedback and GRE support! I think I did ok. They changed the scoring to a 130-170 range and I got a 156 verbal and 152 quantitative. Not as good as I had hoped, but I am still well above the 50th percentile. And as my friends LOVE to keep reminding me, that’s among college graduates wanting to improve their education further, so there aren’t many dummies in there, haha.

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my humble little blog. 🙂

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