Just play the game already!

I’m a gamer who happens to be female, not a girl-gamer.  What’s the difference you ask?  A gamer who happens to be female is a gamer who doesn’t see her gender as a handicap or as tool.  The gamer is first.  In my time playing video games, mostly mmorpgs, I noticed the difference, and lived it as well.  Surely, most gamers know what I’m talking about.  The “girl-gamer” who makes excuses for her failures because she’s a girl and the other “girl-gamer” who makes sure everyone with a Y chromosome knows that she is indeed a she, this is usually followed by the behavior best described as the online version of eyelash batting.  I decided a long time ago that nothing other than how I played the game really mattered and soon met quite a few like minded sisters in arms.  We are a diverse breed.  Some of us are girly.  Some are not.  Some of us are more skilled than others.  But the one unifying trait that we share is that we would rather be judged fairly on our actual merits and nothing else.


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